Ancient carved stones full of symbols and signs are to be discovered throughout town as in a treasure hunt game. Buildings tell their stories through their architecture as for instance in the main square Piazza Motta there is the Palazzotto della Comunità della Riviera di San Giulio tracing back to 1582, then the main catholic church of Assunta, as well as few aristocratic houses which reflects the past. There is also a shuttle train service (on wheels) from the main square Piazza Motta, to the nearby area of Legro, from 1998 defined as painted town with murals reproducing stills from films that have been made in the area. It is also quite possible to encounter famous actors and actresses that are either staying at one of the fabulous Suites of the Hotel Leon d’Oro or even dining on the terrace facing the island, so close by almost as if one can touch it. From Legro there is a beautiful walk, through a footpath in the woods leading towards Corconio, a baroque’s gem town, with Saint Stefan’s church and the 16th and 17th century’s villas.